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Friday, November 09, 2007

Dreams Come True

Last weekend I had a very vivid dream. One I then remembered well when I woke up, and can still remember now.

In it, I went to Payless Shoes and bought two pair of black shoes. One was a fairly bland pair of black work shoes like I usually wear (at least before I switched to pretty much always wearing white New Balance walking shoes). The other pair was a bit fancier -- shiny black slipons with a tassel, kind of like these. I took them to the checkout, and the dream ended.

Tonight, I went to Payless Shoes and bought two pair of black shoes.

OK, actually I took Ryan and got him a couple pair of black shoes. A pair of fairly plain black shoes for work, in exactly the style I usually buy (that would be these). And a pair of black sneakers for non-work-day wear. And, he and I went out for dinner since he and I were the only ones around -- Ellen at class, Kalen in Indy, Matt in Urbana (and, of course, Kathy in Normal).

Hopefully, I'll get some stuff done around the house and with my computer done tomorrow. Sunday, Ellen and I go to Kathy's choir concert in Normal. Monday night I think I'm playing D&D as a zero for Stuffed COWS.

Anyway, that's the promised update for tonight.

Usually I don't have dreams that are either so vivid or so oddly mundane. Actually, usually I don't remember my dreams at all, so maybe I dream about shoes every night.

Yes, I did have to search for a picture of the pair of shoes from my dream. Just because I wouldn't know how to describe them otherwise.


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