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Thursday, November 01, 2007


We've got leftover candy. We've got leftover pictures!

There were a few pictures on my camera that I didn't know were there (since I didn't take them). But, they're here, and I decided to share a few. Just because.

I have no idea when this one of Ellen and I was taken:

... but this one of Danielle and Jason (and Kathy's feet, I believe) claims to have been taken on the same day:

Finally, we have have this picture of Kalen and Cody:

... which is actually a better crop of this picture of Kalen and Cody and Harry:
Except if you crop it down, you don't know that it's taken beside Wrigley Field.

That's not all, but it's enough. The others are mostly redundant, and these are the best.

And so, AH HA! Beware if you leave pictures on my camera!

Heh heh.


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