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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


See my other post for whining about not having time.

But in a few spare minutes the past couple of days, I've gone to the web site I take about five minutes to build my vocabulary, and maybe get some rice to some hungry folks.

Thanks to Mike Norton for that link.

I always wonder how effective sites like this turn out to be. The idea is get some charity dollars from advertisers. In this case the advertising is really, really low key (hardly noticable, but present). And the vocabulary exercise is pretty fun. At least until I might sometime exhaust the available questions. In the three sessions I've done I've noticed some repetition.

Try it. My vocabulary looks like its sitting in the level 43-44 range. Anything lower I usually know the word. Higher and I'm lost. At level 44 I can manage to figure out most of the words based on roots. I've managed to see a few words at level 46, and maybe even answer one or two there, but I haven't managed to get a glimpse at level 47 yet.


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