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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Below the Top of the List

Once again, Scott Adams nails my life perfectly. This time, not in a Dilbert strip, but in his blog.

The second line of his post certainly rang true:
My life is peppered with these little tasks that are just below the threshold of being worth doing. And that threshold is a moving target, depending on how busy I am.

Though it's not quite right. It's that there's something more important (or seems so at the time) that crowds out other tasks.

Like, I've got a box of recent comics that needs to be sorted so I can actually find the ones I want to read. It's been sitting like that for a few weeks. It's only important to me, but I want it done. But, always something else needs done first.

And, thus, also why I haven't blogged for a couple weeks. Something else has crowded it out. Most often in the last week, it's been work.

I got caught at work for a few extra hours on two (or three? I lost count) nights in the past week. There was a mysterious problem on a few sites in Dayton, and I spent a lot of time either debugging or, mostly, coordinating other people debugging. That's one of the aspects of my job, to get all the experts called in. The problem happened when these sites had a software upgrade. So immediately we eliminated the thing it turned out to be: a hardware defect. Only when we'd eliminated everything else and narrowed the problem to one unit were the experts in Germany able to figure out that the problem was hardware, a path that wasn't used in the old release but was in the new release, so the upgrade uncovered latent problems. We're still figuring out all of the affected sites.

And, after a long day and a fried mind, the only thing I wanted to do when I came home was relax and recharge.

Fortunately, my weekend has been fairly decent for relaxing and getting a few minor things done (still now that box of comics though). I did log into work this evening to check a couple things, and found both needed a bit more attention than I'd hoped so I wound up doing things there for .. oh .. about 3-4 hours. Oh well, I won't have a backlog of e-mail in the morning anyway. I'm supposed to be in training all this week -- we'll see how that goes and when I'll fit in the other stuff that still won't wait.

Anyway, I'll try to update again tomorrow with the other things that have gone on the past couple weeks. But tonight, I think I'm done.


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