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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturn 7

I've got to get motivated to blog again. Let's say I'll do daily blogging again for a while, and see how long I can keep it up. For tonight, this is more of a place holder and a catch-up.

More on Saturn 7 tomorrow, after I take a picture.

Ditto for the new living room furniture, which has been in place more than a week.

I realized afterward in my Gencon report that I accidentally left out the Saturday RPGA meeting, after I'd teased that in a previous blog entry. I'll report on that later this coming week (the short report - there was anger, not from me).

Other than that, it's been a busy week, but not insane. I got to sit in the nosebleed seat at Wrigley last Monday and see a Cubs win. I'll be at the game on Wednesday night with Bob.

And, that's enough for tonight. Tomorrow - photos! This is just a tease.


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