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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cleveland Again

Yep, I'm back in Cleveland. And today it was busy, though less so the previous two days.

This is a quick post as I need to get to bed and need to get up sort of early in the morning. So, the recap of the past almost three weeks (eep!).

Let's see -- after getting home from Cleveland (on the night of the 7th) I worked a couple days (not too hard) and then took the days off I planned, starting the 10th. However, where I had been planning to take the 10th to go to Chicago Comicon (yes, yes, Wizard World Chicago), I decided to ditch the con entirely this year and instead relax, get a few simple things done at home. Never enough time for that.

On the weekend I got in some Dungeons and Dragons (because there's just not enough of that at Gencon, of course). Actually, I played a long-planned session of a regional Special (along with another core mod, while we were playing) and then a quickly arranged zero of the new mod premiering at Verbobonc Pre-Gencon Madness. Monday I tried to get some organization done at home (not getting as much in as I would have liked, due to my own laziness/fatigue). Tuesday, as usual, I was trying to get stuff ready for Gencon quickly, and again pushed the time limit as far as I could. Drove to the north side of Indy. Bought a weekend wardrobe (more on that in another post).

Wednesday - Verbobonc Pre-Gencon Madness, where I judged three slots. Not really much more to say about that, but if I decide to it will be in the next post.

Thursday through Sunday - Gencon. Has to have it's own post.

Monday - ehh, mostly collapsed from post-Gencon decompression.

Tuesday - fly to Cleveland. Get immersed in the work here again. And it's been pretty solid until now.

My best guess is that I'll have some time this weekend. If so, I'll spend a bit of that time actually writing a Gencon post. There's lots to write about.

Kalen needs to blog about actually getting her bachelor's degree now (yes, she is officially graduated). Ryan needs to blog about starting school at COD and his job interview. Kathy needs to blog about school starting at ISU. Matt about moving and job applications. Everybody owes a Gencon post. Ellen --- is relatively up to date.

Oh, and Tony -- Gencon post! Exclamation Point!

And I need to get to bed.


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