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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Book

Cubs lost today, but at least it was a decently played game. Close: 3-2, so there was sufficient hope at the end to make it a bit exciting and the crowd was anticipating comeback rather than assuming the worst. The pace of the game was slow, though, and the stadium club buffet wasn't as good as the past couple times either. I know: "Awww, poor baby".

Behind the jump I talk about reading The Book, but nothing at all about plot. So, this blog is still spoiler safe for now.

I got back from the game and started reading The Book. Yes, you know which one. There are actually three copies floating around the house. I'm reading Kalen's copy, since she's still re-reading the previous books. As is Ellen, so I may take Ellen's to Cleveland -- if I'm not done with it before I leave! I'm 150 pages in, of about 750 so I'm a fifth of the way in.

No, no spoilers here. Eventually I'll probably say something about it, but I'll make sure any comments are heavily spoiler-guarded. Meanwhile, I'm staying away from Usenet, and certain other interweb stuff, for the duration. I guess my own blog is safe for me for now, though.


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