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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Three-piece Sofa Set

It wasn't designed as a three-piece set, but that was its ultimate fate. It's probably in a few more pieces by now.

The theme for the weekend was "attempts at organization".

Although the attempts at organization were really just starting to make a dent in things.

One of the things we did to prepare for air conditioner installation on Friday was to clear space. Specifically, space in the southwest quadrant of the basement so that the installer could access the area to run new lines to the new outside unit location. That meant moving a table that had some of my junk on it, a number of comic boxes, and some other stuff. Where most of it got moved was the southeast quadrant of the basement, where my comic boxes are in disarray.

So, after the installation, my task was to finish cleaning the area that had been cleared, and then start using that as a more organized staging area for imposing some "array" on the aforementioned disarray.

So, the beginning of that was to pull out the full comic boxes that were just sitting on the floor (rather than on shelves), get them stacked neatly in the staging area, and get the inventory of each of those boxes plugged into ComicBase. I'm five boxes into the inventory right now, which means I should be more than 5% through the task, but well under 10% done.

There are boxes of stuff that are not comics, much of it my accumulated crap, that I need to pull out of there and put into storage somewhere (maybe the attic), until I can at least get the comics back under control. There are other boxes of stuff that are not mine that I need to have someone decide what to do with (Ellen - what are we doing with crochet-covered clothes hangers we don't use??).

And, in the process, I got rid of the old couch that was down there. It had been quite a while since it had been used as a couch rather than a junk caddy, and was full of cat hair (or worse). I said when I moved it down there that it would have to come back up in pieces, considering the hassle of getting it down there in the first place. Ryan and I made an attempt to defy that prediction, but in the end I ripped the insides out (it was a sofa-sleeper), and then had to break the front portion off in order to fit around the corner. And that's how it made it to the curb for the garbage pickup this morning -- in three large pieces, not counting the cushions that made it into another garbage can, and the smaller chunks of the front that will wait until there is space in a garbage can next week.

So now, there's more space down there to move around, and I'll try to get the organization done rather than just start stacking more junk there again.

in the next couple of days I'll try to get some of the non-comics out of the way and average at least one box inventoried each day (so I need to do two tonight). I need to get a decent dent in that during the week this week, and then Ellen has "clean the garage" on the schedule for Saturday.


  • Getting the sofa out is a great start. Good luck with all the rest. Mom

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/12/2007 5:25 PM  

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