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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gleemax demands pixels

Gleemax has demanded pixels from his minions and I have complied.

Hail Gleemax,

I am pleased to present you with pixels covering two of your categories:
me wearing a hat with ears, and next to a person dressed as a cartoon character.

This is also arguably with a celebrity, but I won't try your patience.

My forum name is "timtjarks". I am the minion on the left in the photo. Alas, I am not sure what the forum name of the person on the right is. Perhaps he has changed to the name "8thdwarf"?

Gleemax also demanded that the pixels be ones that were not previously on the internet. He (?) didn't say they couldn't subsequently be on the internet.

OK, that's enough of the Gleemax stuff for today.

I went with Bob to the Cubs game last night. Unfortunately, it was arguably the worst game they'd played all season. At least to date. Dang.

Bob couldn't remember who the Cubs left fielder was after Moises Alou. I finally remembered Todd Hollandsworth, but couldn't remember the name of the rookie that platooned with Hollandsworth. Thanks to Baseball Reference, I now remember it was Jason Dubois.

Dubois was traded that season to Cleveland. He played 14 games with Cleveland, and then hasn't been in the major leagues since.

The Cubs got Jody Gerut from Cleveland for Dubois. Gerut played a very little while for the Cubs, and then was traded to Pittsburgh. He played four games with Pittsburgh, and then hasn't been in the major leagues since.

The Cubs got Matt Lawton from Pittsburgh for Gerut. Lawton hung around with the hapless 2005 Cubs a bit longer, but was then traded to the Yankees. He also had a bit more success, playing 21 games for the Yankees and then played 11 games for Seattle last year before being released, exactly a year ago yesterday. Again, he then hasn't been in the major leagues since.

The Cubs got Justin Berg from the Yankees for Lawton. At least he's still in the Cubs system, at the AA Tennessee Smokies. He's started 10 games and has a 5.48 ERA.

Just a bit of information, because it's too depressing right now to think about the 2007 Cubs.

Maybe I'll work on more pixels for Gleemax instead.


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