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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eve of Distraction

The days escape me. I knew I'd skipped one day of posting, but I guess I missed two.

Long night monitoring on Tuesday. I did two shifts: 1pm-5pm and then 9pm - 1am. I thought that would be fine with a four hour break. Unfortunatly, the break all but evaporated due to a problem that came up near the end of my first shift. I did get an hour to grab some dinner, though, and the late shift was no problem.

And last night ... well, I just lazied out of posting. I was tired.

The best thing -- as of tomorrow I'm on vacation until after Memorial Day!

Vacation plan: relax.

Matt's home tonight and he and I are going to the Cubs game tomorrow afternoon. Then he'll head back to Urbana and I'll come home to pack.

Saturday I'll drive to Iowa. Sunday is Rachel's graduation (Hi Rachel!). Monday through Thursday I plan to chill, and do whatever is on my mom's to-do list for me (Hi Mom!).

Friday through Monday is CavalierCon/"Weekend in Dyvers" for Kalen and I. Gaming convention -- 10 slots of Living Greyhawk.


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