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Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's a Minor Update !

Monitoring this morning - nothing special. Came home, mowed and trimmed the lawn. Went to our Seis de Mayo dinner. Came home. Watched TV.

And for my late night, see after the break:

I need to be in Schaumburg at 11:30pm for a special monitoring shift, which may only last an hour, may last until 4am (or potentially later, but unlikely). We have to go to a different site because they will be working on the network the monitors would normally use. So, I'll probably be home early in the morning. Fortunately, I was signed up for a 9pm - 1am monitoring shift on Monday night, so it works out to come home and sleep much of the day, then also sleep late on Tuesday.

So, I probably won't necessarily have much of an update tomorrow.


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