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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


No need for me to call for help today. Though I also didn't give any baskets of candy, or parade any military equipment, or even take the day off.

But, it was a pretty decent day.

  • Monitoring duty this morning: a quiet shift, no significant problems to try to figure out, let alone try to correct. And, we came to some meeting of the minds among those of us there to get some of the folks out of the monitoring and doing something more productive. Not me, but at least it's a step back toward normalcy.

  • At the group meeting today, everyone was cool with a suggestion to change the way we schedule monitoring shifts, and I started implementing that.

  • Not only that, but several other ideas I mentioned were met with enthusiasm, and I took a step toward working my way into a job I'd rather be doing.

  • The hotline phone hasn't rung (except when I called it to test reception). Knock on simulated wood veneer.

  • Tomorrow is new comics day. And, I don't have any monitoring shifts tomorrow. So, I should have time to start implementing some of today's ideas, and still get my comics (assuming the hotline still doesn't ring).

Now if I can remember what else I'm supposed to do tomorrow. Oh, yeah, this is in here to remind me!


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