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Monday, April 30, 2007

Echoes of Ozymandias

.. in which I refer to the Watchmen character, not the poem. Though the former is a reference to the latter.

And what I'm talking about is "Heroes". Specifically the episode from last week, where Linderman's plans are laid out, and it's essentially the same plan as Adrian Veidt's. So, if you're watching "Heroes" and you haven't yet, you may want to find a copy of "Watchmen".

And -- the link has nothing more about "Heroes", but more about my day:

Nothing exciting today. I got my schedule for the week arranged so that I could go to Normal on Friday and help Ryan move some of the stuff out of his dorm (and probably help the girls at their apartment). I managed to get someone to cover my Friday monitoring shift AND a few hours of hotline on Saturday so I could go to the Cubs game. So, thanks to Juan (though he's surely not reading this). I did the same for him a couple weeks ago, so it all comes back around.

No calls on the hotline yet. Yay! And now I should get to bed, because I have a monitoring shift at 9 in the morning.


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