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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Reset Master

Things are now going pretty well here in Balitmore. I was up late last night doing some necessary system resets (up until 3am), but the result today has been that everything has been very, very stable.

As a result, I mostly had today off. Not that I did much. I did go shopping for a while to get out and around. I wandered around the big mall here -- equivalent to Gurnee Mills around home. A bit mall that's a mixture of regular mall type stores and big-name outlets, so a step up from a straight outlet mall. The only thing I bought there, though, was a copy of "Games" magazine at Books-a-Million. I then went to Wal-Mart and Safeway, and got a new belt, a few groceries, a few miscellaneous items I needed. Then I came back to the hotel, did some system monitoring, called my mom, went to grab a quick (sort-of) dinner, called Ellen, and now I'm just chilling.

Again, there's nothing much going on here that I couldn't be doing at home, though the focus is stronger. One thing I have been doing is late-night monitoring and resets, not just for Baltimore-Washington. I was up until 5:30am Thursday night/Friday morning, as there was an unexpected problem with one of the procedures I did (and that was for New York, not even Baltimore). I did sleep in that morning though. Then, as I said, up 'til 3am last night, up at 8:30am to make a call, and then I just stayed up. I'll be in bed before midnight tonight, though.

Hotel TV tends to suck. I'd usually just have ESPN on all night, but since I don't care about the NBA there's nothing on there to keep me entertained. They also have all the major all news networks, which are doing wall-to-wall Anna-Nicole Smith coverage. I do have Cartoon Network and Comedy Central, so I can watch my usual late-evening fare, but "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" are reruns this week, and Futurama is only on so many times a day (though I watch them when they are for the 'zillionth time). So, only Letterman as far as new stuff.

Huh, nothing else I can thing of right now, and the bed is sounding like a good plan. I'll probably check in here tomorrow with more.

On, yeah, my department head referred to me as the Reset Master a couple weeks ago, since I was doing a lot of them and coordinating more of them. Just what I wanted to be known for.


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