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Monday, January 08, 2007

Big Game?

Is there supposed to be a football game on tonight? I suppose I should check Yahoo to see what happened.

But really, I couldn't care less.

I was mildly tolerant of college bowl games on January 2nd when the 1st fell on Sunday. That was understandable. Last year, when the championship game was on the 3rd, not so much. This year, there were games that weren't the championship game going on through a couple days ago, and finally the bogus "big game" tonight. The plethora of bowl games lost me a while ago, but dragging out the games past New Year's Day has trivialized them all. What happened to the event?

Hmmmph, I see that Florida beat Ohio State. Good, just because I hate Ohio State. But it just further shows that all the bluster about the "national champion" has been meaningless. On any given day, particularly more than a month after the season ended, any of the top 8 - 10 teams could have beaten any other. I know not to even think twice about it next year.

In other news, Legends is ready to go out the door tomorrow morning, finally. And I got pretty much all the recycling that Narf generated out to the curb tonight (there's a few boxes I lazied out of breaking down), as well as most of the garbage (a couple small bags I didn't get stickers for are still here). In the next couple days I can get the Goodwill stuff taken to them, then I just need to wait for the electronics recycling day to get rid of the rest of the stuff. Oh, and I need Narf's brother's address.

And, that's it. I guess I'll go crash into bed now.


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