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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Time to Catch Up

A quick catch-up post. I've established my frequent updates to this blog too well, so that when I don't blog some may think something happened to me. Sick or something. Well, at least my mom worries about me. :-)

Most of my time between the last post and this one has been sucked into that same problem with voice drop-outs that I mentioned in both of the previous posts. Friday night until about 1am, then Saturday from noon to about 11pm. Yesterday (Monday) from noon to midnight. Yesterday it was mainly amusing because I noticed that the team working the problem was me, three British guys currently in Washington state (in either Redmond or Tacoma, I think), a German guy currently in St.Louis, and three Indian guys doing the driving in Cleveland. So, we were all over the place and from all over the place. And we listened to the guys in Cleveland count into the phone (and a few times say "Can you hear me now?" -- but, wait, surely that's trademarked!).

Sunday was a trip to Normal. Ellen and I went to church, had lunch at Colonial, then drove to Normal. We did a little shopping there for some incidentals, some Christmas decorating stuff, and cat litter not for the cats. We hung out with Ryan a bit, went to dinner with him and the girls, then went to the girls' holiday concert. This was the massed choruses and orchestra from Illinois State, and I think the girls sang in four or five pieces (depending on how they actually did the counting). After the concert, we went to the girls' apartment and got Kathy's car unstuck from its parking space. The snow/sleet/freezing rain from Friday had left her rear tires in about an inch of ice, and neither Kalen nor Kathy had moved their cars since then. They discovered they had a bit of a problem when Kathy went to drive to the earlier concert that afternoon (we went to the 7pm concert, they had a 3pm concert as well). Thus the cat litter, to give the girls so they each had a container in their car for traction. Though in this case, they just needed the muscle to push the car enough so it could break free of the ice.

Anyway, after that we went for dessert at Baker's Square with the girls, then headed home. We got home at about 12:30am.

If there's anything more to blog about later, I will. Otherwise, probably tomorrow.


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