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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Still not Good, but Better ...

The weather was warm today, if rainy early. Tomorrow is still supposed to be OK during the day, but drop later and turn cold and possibly snowy by the weekend.

With that backdrop I decided to leave work a bit early (about 2:30) to throw a second (and final for now) coat of paint up around the door.

It's better than it was. Still not good, because it was still separating as it sat and leaving some white spots where the paint had pulled back from its surface tension. So, it's still not good, but there are fewer bits showing through. It'll do for the winter, but I'll strip it down and repaint in the spring.

As always, there's more...

Just as I came in from painting, I got an IM on my work computer and got pulled into some stuff that I didn't have any real experience in. Fortunately, another guy from our group also got pulled in, and he did know what to suggest to the people having problems, so I only got stuck on the phone for about 45 minutes.

I threw together a sort of Turkey Divan casserole for dinner, since I wanted to get the remaining turkey put into something. Turkey and broccoli with mushroom soup, the remaining turkey broth, onion, some cheese, and a bit of fried onion salad topper. Pretty good, though I got it a bit too soupy as I added too much broth. I still had some turkey left, so I got it chopped up and mixed up some turkey salad for sandwiches tomorrow. Thus all the Thanksgiving leftovers got spoken for, except maybe one remaining slice of pecan pie and about a third of the can of cranberry sauce.

Ellen and I got the Christmas decorations out of the attic, though no decoration has been done yet. I refuse to light up the house until Sunday, the first day of Advent. It's not like my own take on Christianity is orthodox in many (or any) ways, but I don't want to push Christmas any earlier than the official start of Advent. So the lights will probably go up Saturday or Sunday, depending on the projection of the better weather. A lot of our neighbors have their lights going already, a couple even just before Thanksgiving.

Finally, I also put together the hotline schedule for the first half of next year. Since I'm my supervisor's delegate I took the reigns to get that done (which might otherwise not get done until Christmas week itself), and by doing it I could arrange things to fit weeks that I don't otherwise have plans -- like scheduling weeks when the Cubs are on a road trip so I know I won't have game I want to go to. I also scheduled around the kids' spring breaks and my niece's high school graduation. I gave myself the week of the fourth of July, mainly to avoid any dire argument and because we usually don't do much then (and the Cubs are on a road trip :-) ). The schedule should be pretty fair and I gave everyone a chance to tell me weeks they weren't available or didn't want to be available. So, I'll probably still hear arguments, but I'll feel free to discount them.

Anyway, that's it for now. More tomorrow, most likely.


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