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Sunday, November 19, 2006

There's More on the Door

Late update -- I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still Saturday, right?

Ryan and I got the storm door up today, and it looks pretty good. It left both Ryan and I kind of body achey though, between the physical work and the chill in the air.

Ellen checked the weather and it's supposed to be pretty good this week -- highs in the 50's up to above 60. So, she went out and got some paint to match the storm door (it's a dark cranberry color). So, I should be able to paint the trim around the door and highlights that were the brick-red color by the door, rather than just leave it primed for the winter. That'll make things look a bit better. In the spring I'll probably re-paint the whole porch anyway, but this'll leave things so they look good until whenever I decide to paint.

Ellen also got finish for the inside of the door. The inner side of the door is oak, the outside is steel (white steel for now, I'll paint it the cream color of the rest of the porch in the fall. Anyway, when we ordered the door I thought the oak side was going to come finished. No. So, a couple coats of polyurethane are due.

I was working on the door, and about 2pm I realized, "Oh, I don't have the hotline phone where I can hear it. I better grab it". It was upstairs on my dresser, and I check and Oh Oh!, there's one missed call. Crap! But I checked the message and it was another one of my group members, in St. Louis, checking if I happened to know a bit of info he needed. Unfortunately I didn't. Fortunately, the call wasn't an outage call that I was late to answer!

I'm baby sitting some additional data changes right now (hopefully the last I'll be doing of that for a while). The script is running slowly, so it may be 2:30 before it's actually finished. Oh well.

Narf - yes, there's an extra house key.


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