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Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's Elemental

This post is a little late because I just got home. So this is the Saturday post, though it's dated Sunday.

Nothing turns around a combat that's going badly quite like ... summoning a large air elemental.

Today I played D&D all day. In the first slot I ran "Minions of Shadow and Fire". No brains were extracted, though I was close. Very, very close. And then the bad guys were blown away. Literally.

In the second slot I played "The Ties that Bind". It's a year-6 Verbobonc module, and I was going to play it with the character that was built for this year's Verby mods (Aelorin). But then I heard the blurb, and it said the mod was set in the town that my original Living Greyhawk character (Joe) lives in, and working for the lord that Joe works for, and so it was "OK, switch gears, I'm playing this with Joe". I played it at APL 4, which is really too low for Joe (he's level 9), so I took half of the rewards for the module.

In the third slot we played the meta-regional "Autumn", which was still set in our home region of Verbobonc. I played Aelorin in this one, again at APL 4 (which was a good match, since Aelorin is 4th level), though we still had one character playing out higher than that range. For that mod ... well, the story didn't hold together as well as I'd like, though it could have been the judge rather than the mod, it's hard to tell until I've actually read the story.

Anyway, that's really it for today. Tomorrow the plan in to get as much done with the door as I can.


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