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Friday, November 10, 2006

Foam Expanding

Well, I did take today off. I left messages to see if they wanted me to follow up on anything in Salt Lake City today, but the last message I saw indicated that the issue will wait until Monday. It was opened as a priority 1 problem, but whatever ...

So, I had the day to take care of some things here ...

The first priority was to fill the gaps around the new front door. The past couple days it's been so nice out, so the door wasn't a big deal. Today it turned cooler, and tonight it's just cold, with a chance of snow tonight. So, I got the gaps filled with the expanding foam aerosol insulation. Then it's an issue of cleaning up the foam as it expands OUT of the gap. But that's all done now, and there doesn't seem to be any drafts around the door now.

I also did a quick sweep up (with the broom rake) of most of the leaves in the front lawn. Its pretty pointless to try to get them all, and I didn't have that much time, particularly since it started to drizzle when I started with the leaves, and the drizzle slowly got stronger all afternoon. I got it done well enough, though, and filled two lawn waste bags with the leaves.

Got the door strikes up on the door, for both the regular knob and the deadbolt. Got the tarp over the patio table (though I still need to tie it down properly, it's held down by two leftover bags of mulch). Ellen got the last of the flower beds mulched for winter, and got the hoses put away and pulled into the garage. So, the normal winterizing is essentially done.

What I still need to do is get up the new picks of casing/framing around the outside of the front door, to cover the gaps that I just filled with the insulating foam. We got that this evening, and it won't take long to get up. I also got some caulk and primer, and will get all of that finished on Sunday afternoon -- it looks like the weather will allow that. Once the primer is dry I can put up the storm door, and that should complete anything I really HAVE to finish out front.

Tomorrow, I'm playing D&D. I'm judging the first slot (Minions of Shadow and Fire), and playing the next two (a new regional and a relatively new meta-regional).

Next week I'll have the hotline phone, 7 days but only 12 hours a day (UK person covers the other 12 hours. So, I'm on-call noon to midnight. That's not so bad.


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