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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Counting the stack of comics, pre- and post-, it looks like we gave out 65 comics tonight. And so also 130 little boxes of candy. So, 65 kids, more or less.

I've got 25 comics left in the Halloween stash, so I'll have to be sure to restock at the comicon again this year.

It seemed like the costumes were a lot less elaborate this year. Like, several kids (I'd say, mostly the 11-year-old boys) were mostly just in their regular clothes and jackets, with maybe a slight nod to being "bums" or skaters or something like that. There's always a few like that, it just seemed more prevalent this year. I don't really care, it just was something I noticed and seemed a bit off.

More update after the break.

Work has been pretty busy. I stayed late (like 10:30) last night and once last week. Today I worked from home so that I could also take care of a couple of little errands, like getting the glass pumpkin yard stakes/candle holders (click there for a picture of exactly the things) ready and put up along the walkway, getting the other pumpkin decorations plugged in (nope, no hollowed out gourds this year - just the polyethyline equivalent). I wound up busy doing stuff for work, and almost didn't get out to get any candy or candles (for the yard stakes).

Other than that, I've also played quite a bit of D&D as zeroes for Stuffed COWS, coming up Thanksgiving weekend. I'm going to take the rest of the week off from any of that, though. Get some other stuff done, as well as catch up on other work that's been kind of back burnered while other high-priority stuff got worked.

Anyway, I think that's the update for now. It won't be a week until the next one, but at least a couple of days.


  • I would guess the trick-or-treaters at about 70. There were a few kids who managed to get away from the door without a comic (but very few!). The kids all seemed very happy to get those. My observation was that we had more Spanish-speaking kids this year than previously. Again--not that I care--just an observation.

    By Blogger Nurse Penguinladi, at 11/01/2006 11:26 AM  

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