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Monday, October 02, 2006

14 Hours at Home

14 hours is the amount of time I've spent at home in the past 10 days. And that includes sleep and mowing the lawn.

It's been busy at work here in St. Louis. The good thing about that is that the time has been flying. The downside is that we got out of there about 8:30 this evening. We then made a quick stop at the grocery store and back to the hotel to chill. The really good thing is that I'm now staying at a Residence Inn, so there's essentially a full kitchen here (full-size refrigerator, electric range, microwave, sink, dishwasher). I won't use much of it, but I did use the microwave tonight and my Diet Mountain Dew is chilling.

Anyway it's time for "Weekend Recap": I left work early on Friday, about 3:20, in plenty of time to make it to Bloomington by 6:30. I got my badge, said "hi" to Phil Thompson (every con report must have a Phil Thompson reference, right?), then went back to the car to get my D&D stuff. Kalen and Kathy were coming in just as I was going back to the car, so they went on to get their badges. We met back inside to chill before slot 1. We went our separate ways during mustering as I was planning to play a little higher level than they were, but they would up back at the same table as I was (there were too many at the lower table, so they shuffled up to what turned out to be an APL 8 table -- just as I'd wanted. We played VTF 6-04 (or whatever) Faire Trade, and it was a lot of fun and made us sweat just a little. After playing, we went back to the girls' apartment to crash for the night. It was at this point (just after 11pm Friday), that I knew I wouldn't be able to start driving home to Aurora at the same time the next night, so I told the girls I would skip the third slot on Saturday and head home then.

Nothing else too exciting to report. On Saturday we played the VTF interactive "Fair Compensation" and my character ("Joe", my 9th level Ranger/Scout) won the knowledge competition. I claim I got second in the Haiku competition, even though only first prize was awarded or announced. :-) And I came close to killing another player's character (not my fault!), and then was pounded on by the attacking monsters (they were attacking me in preference to any of my party mates). Good thing I had lots of healing available to me. Then in the second slot Kathy and I played "A Long Way for a Little Knowledge", and were almost done in by a misworded riddle (the module writer doesn't know the diffeerence between a number and a digit) and a horribly broken encounter that is avoided by the riddle.

Then the girls and I had dinner at Subway and I headed home. I got back to Aurora and did my laundry, watched some stored TV on the Tivo, and finally got to see Ellen when she got home from work.

Sunday morning I mowed the lawn, then went to the final Cubs game of the year. The Cubs won (yay), coming from behind by scoring three runs in both the 7th and 8th innings. I had a good lunch with Bob at the club and made a point of watching the "W" flag raised to cap a bad year. The crowd that was there were pretty amazing, though, cheering on the win and giving a good ovation at the end, all eager to have something positive to end the year (and now Dusty Baker is gone -- good riddance).

From the game I drove straight back to St. Louis. Driving back I talked on the cell phone to Matt for quite a while, then Ellen for a bit, then my mom, then Ryan, then Kalen (and Kathy, through Kalen). That killed much of a couple of hours of driving, and for the rest of it I had the Bears game to listen to (a surprising blowout by the Bears).

And, that's it for now. Tomorrow night I'll meet John and Leah Gerdes (and some number of small Gerdeses) for dinner.

Now, EVERYONE in my family owes an update -- everyone's most recent post is a bit ancient.


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