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Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to Work -- Surprise!

I got back to work this morning and was greeted by two unpleasant surprises in my e-mail:
  1. First, I have the Hotline phone this week. That means I'm on call 24/7 to answer if there are outages anywhere in our customer networks that need our group to address. I was figuring I had this duty two weeks from now, but the guy who was supposed to have the phone this week is out-of-town instead. So, my boss says "Well, Tim will be back on Monday. Pass the phone to him". Of course he didn't leave the phone in my office, because he thought it might be locked (it wasn't). He left it in his office, which was locked, until his office mate got in and I could retrieve the phone. So far, so good, no calls.

  2. Then I got to the e-mail entitled "Need you in St. Louis". So, starting next Monday I'll be in St. Louis for three weeks.

This messes with plans for the next two weekends, but doesn't totally cancel them. On Saturday, Kalen, Matt, and I are going to the Illinois/Iowa football game in Champaign. I'll pick up Kalen in Normal before we go on to Champaign. Then Sunday we're going to go to Kalen and Kathy's choir concert in Normal. Then I'll drive from there to St. Louis. The main pain here is that Ellen and I will each have to drive to Normal seperately, and she'll have to drive herself back on Sunday.

The following weekend I'd planned to go to Flatcon in Bloomington (twin-city of Normal) for a few rounds of D&D play. Then that Sunday I'd planned to go to the Cubs final game of the season with Bob. Assuming that they're not expecting us to work the weekend, I'm still planning to do those things, then drive back to St. Louis after the Cubs game. If it was anywhere else I wouldn't be able to do this (maybe Cincinatti), but St.Louis is only a 4-4.5 hour drive, 2-2.5 hours from Normal, so I could pull that off easily enough. Assuming once again that we're not working the weekend I'll even drive back home the last weekend as well.

Anyway, that was the joy of the morning. Since then nothing major, so we'll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe the last leg of the San Francisco trip. Oh, and a few words about Anansi Boys, my reading material for the trip.


  • Yeah, that pretty much sucks. At least it IS onny St. Louis, so you can still do things that you have planned. Work always seems to fall apart when you aren't there.

    By Blogger Matt, at 9/19/2006 12:16 PM  

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