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Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Prevenge in Complete!

And "Retribution" is at hand!

OK, so I've switched the quote in the header of the blog -- thus my prevenge is complete. The new quote is from Order of the Stick, specifically strip #344.

Kathy told me last night that when she read that strip, she imagined the gnome speaking with a voice I use for some gnome characters when I'm judging D&D. So, I then did a dramatic reading for her. It took me a bit to get into the voice, though. At first I was accidentally doing more of my raven voice, then more like Wallace Shawn, and finally I found the gnome voice (which is more nasally than Wallace Shawn).

"Retribution" is the D&D game I played this evening. I was going to play it with my Rogue/Acrobat (level 6), but the group had no one who could do any healing. Not even anyone who could use a wand of Cure Light Wounds (aka "Happy Stick"). So I switched to my Ranger/Scout character (level 9), who can use a wand, and played down to APL 6. We we a strong table for the APL, so we got through the mod with no problem at all. It was a better fit for my Ranger anyway, so it worked out well.

I went to the Cubs game with Bob a week ago. At least most of the game was fairly interesting, though the Cubs lost and the challenge they mounted at the end was rather weak. Since then, they've managed to win exactly one game in the past week (in looking back, I see they've won three games in the past three weeks), and have finally fallen into last place.

Other than that, I got almost everything at work ready so that nothing was hanging over my head (I have at one thing to finish from here tomorrow), and so I'm ready for a week of vacation. More on that in the coming week -- maybe during the week but definitely by a week from today.


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