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Friday, August 25, 2006

Two Nights at Wrigley

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I went to watch the Cubs games. Both nights they lost. Oh well.

Tuesday night I went with my brother, Bob. We were particularly interested in the pitching matchup because it was the second MLB start (and first at Wrigley) for Cubs rookie Ryan O'Malley. He has never exactly been touted as a strong prospect -- in fact we hadn't heard anything about him until the week before when he was called up to make an emergency start in Houston, and won 1-0. The Phillies pitcher, who was at least as interesting to us, was former Cub Jamie Moyer -- the 43-year old crafty veteran who hadn't pitched in Wrigley in 18 years, far longer than the average MLB career.

Anyway, O'Malley wasn't as good as he was in his first start, possibly nervous in the first inning but he got out of it only giving up one run. He gave up a couple more in the third, but then left early in the 5th inning with an injury (and he's now on the disabled list already). After O'Malley left Glendon Rusch came in, and gave up his traditional three runs. By this point the game was just boring. The weather didn't help, with a heavy mist in the air. Bob and I were more interested in playing dumb games with the "Home Town Heroes" ballot -- guessing who was on the ballot for each team, listing better choices, etc. We both left at the end of the eighth inning. Cubs lost 6-3.

Wednesday I went with my pal Steve. The game was much more interesting, staying within one run throughout. The weather was good. The teams were playing well -- not outstanding but nothing particularly bad either. The Cubs tied it in the bottom of the 8th, but then gave up the winning run in the top of the 9th. The Cubs lost 2-1.

Dinner at the stadium club was good both nights, but Wednesday was weird. Steve and I got to the podium for dinner seating and they said someone had already come in to take our reservation, using the name "Tjarks". I'm there enough that they know who I am, though, to know that I had the legitimate reservation. We went by the table (same one Bob gets almost every time) and didn't recognize anywhere there. The folks at the club set us up with another table and didn't raise a fuss with the guys who had come in, but Mike (the club manager) kept a close eye to make sure that they didn't skip out on the bill. Just odd -- I figure that those guys had fast talked the guy at the door of the club and saw our name on the reservation list, then just used that name at the podium to get a table.

Anyway, that's it. Work has kept me busy all week, but at least hasn't kept me late at any time. This weekend will be devoted to cleaning the garage, getting Legends out the door, and playing a game of D&D on Sunday night.

And, Gencon report part 2 will be coming shortly. I'll start typing as soon as I publish this post, and then see how far into the con I get.


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