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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Pile o'Stuff (Gencon Thursday addendum)

This is Gencon report part 2.5. I forgot something from Thursday night.

OK, so every slot at Gencon the RPGA rewards their judges with a drawing. The winner from that slot gets ... a Big Pile o'Stuff -- books and stuff that Wizards of the Coast sends as a volunteer inducement.

So, while I'm playing the LG Special on Thursday night, an RPGA person comes over to our table with ... a Big Pile o'Stuff. Except they tell the judge (who's won a couple times in the past I guess) that it's not his this time, that this is the pile o'stuff as a player reward. So they told all of us to roll a d20.

I rolled a 17, and was the top one at the table. So I got ... a Big Pile o'Stuff. I think it was seven different D&D books, only one of which I already had, as well as two or three modules and a pack of Eberron deluxe character sheets. Cool stuff all around, and probably worth $200 retail at least.

Maybe they've done this in past years as well, but I'd missed them doing the giveaway to players. I knew about the judge part because we'd been told about it as volunteers.


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