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Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick update

It's happened to everyone, and it just happened to me. I lost a post that I'd started to a computer crash, and I don't feel like reproducing it in its entirety. So, instead, I'll recap the recap.

Last Tuesday: spent the evening with John and Leah Gerdes. A fun and relaxing evening of chat. And, of course, their kids are growings and are wonderful.

The work week: busy. Got busier as the week went along. There have been some frustrations that I won't talk about here (too public, but most things are going OK. Today wasn't as hectic because there wasn't much going on on the weekend, so there wasn't a backlog for us. I've got four more days down here in St.Louis.

I drove home for the weekend. Left work just after 7pm, got back home right at the stroke of midnight. Got up too early the next morning to take Ellen to the train to go to her conference (get her to talk about that on her blog). Went back to sleep for a while. Caught up on some TV from the Tivo and did my laundry. Then drove into Chicago to pick up Ellen and go to dinner and ComedySportz (improv "competition", ever so slightly more serious on the points than "Whose Line ....").

Sunday: mowed the lawn. Went to lunch at Fuddruckers. Went phone shopping for Ellen , Matt, and Kalen, mainly because Matt wrecked his phone. Got Ellen a Treo and Matt and Kalen phones that have cool features and should be more Matt-proof (that was the prime decision maker, and I told Matt later than I'm sending the wrong message -- getting him a better phone because he screwed up the last one). Got my comics for two weeks. Drove to Normal. Had dinner with all four kids and delivered new phones where appropriate (as well has some other stuff to each kid). Drove the rest of the way to St. Louis.

That's the quick update. I may elaborate later. But then again, I may not.


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