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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Orange You Glad ....

I've been seeing orange cars lately.

You know there's more ...

Several years ago (8 or 10 years now), Ryan, Matt, and I were driving from Aurora to Lake Okoboji to spend a week with my mom at her timeshare. Ellen and the girls were in Colorado with Girl Scouts, so this one was a trip for the guys.

To kill time on the long drive through Wisconsin and Minnesota (before dipping back into Iowa) we decided to play one of those car games. So, I said we should spot and count orange cars, see who spotted the most. We started this game in Madison, WI, and immediately Ryan asked, "Does that one count?".

We were driving by a car wash. With a big sign "CAR WASH". In orange letters. So, Ryan got the point. Good out-of-the-box thinking.

I think we all finished the trip with one point. No actual automobiles, though in the distance a number of red cars look pretty orange. I think we probably found a train car and a ride car at Arnold's Park.

Anyway, I blog this now because in the past week I've seen 4 or 5 orange cars, including an orange Corvette convertible this morning. That's not including the orange Hummer I saw yesterday (because that's an orange truck abomination, not a car). All were this burnt orange/sunset orange metallic color, which I guess must be this year's new hot car color.

And actually, it is a pretty nice looking color. Maybe my next car ....


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