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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yet Another Late Night

I'm not getting hotline calls, but I am getting asked to make late-night data changes again tonight. So, I've got something to do starting at midnight, maybe going 'til 2am.

Then I hand everything to someone in Germany. But by then, it'll be 9am his time. And what we're working on is happening in Baltimore. So, I'm juggling at least three time zones to coordinate what's happening when.

I caught up on "Studio 60" tonight. I liked these two episodes, as they were probably 80% clever and only 20% preachy. A better ratio than the previous. Still annoying, but tolerable.

But the funniest thing tonight was the pee-wee hockey game on South Park. Where the two age-5 teams were facing each other, not ... well anyway. It was just so true to live, because I've seen little kid games like that.

I did get keys made for all four kids for the new front door lock, so collect your keys when you get home, kids.


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