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Sunday, November 12, 2006


For much of the day, I was checking the reading on our outdoor thermometer. For the most part, the temperature hovered between 48° and 51°.

The importance of that is that the primer I was using said to apply at 50° or more.

To which I say, meh, 48° or 49° are fine too. The odds aren't good for the temperature to be predicatably above 50° anytime soon. And the wood of the new door needed a coat of primer before the real winter weather hits. So, today was the day!

And ... it's taken care of. Friday night Ellen and I went out to Menards and decided on the way we were trimming around the door. She and I had different ideas of what we should do there, but it worked out well because our ideas complemented each other and work well together. So I got the trim up around the door, got everything caulked/sealed, and got up two coats of primer.

I didn't get the storm door up, but then I don't really have a temperature restriction on that, so I can work on that sometime during the week or next weekend. I'm sure I could use a extra hand on doing that anyway -- better not to try the wrestle the stormdoor frame alone. So I'll either get some help from Ellen or from Matt or Ryan next weekend.

This week on hotline 12/7 (hmm, doesn't have the same ring as 24/7). Next week is Thanksgiving week and I'm taking the week off (three days vacation, two days holiday).

By the way, the forecast predicts that the high temperatures will slowly decrease each day this week, and will be around 40° next weekend.


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