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Monday, November 13, 2006

Frustration Time

Hi. I'm at work. It's almost midnight, and I'm throwing up this post to keep my daily string going.

I was at home, but I'm stupid ... I left my SecureID on my desk here at work, and without it I can't login to work from home.

So, just as I was settling in to do a couple simple things from home that I promised to do, I realized I didn't have the SecureID so I had to come in to work to do the stuff. I couldn't just grab the ID and go back home because then I wouldn't be able to do the stuff in the time I needed to do it.

Well, that's screwed up anyway, because the stuff took longer than expected (not my fault -- stupid script that I was given is slow).

And, I had just started doing what I was supposed to do when ... the hotline phone rang! AAARRRGGH!

Anyway, the hotline wasn't a problem I needed to deal with, though I helped for a bit. The script was still running. It's STILL running now, but it looks like it will be done soon.

I hope no one is expecting me in first thing in the morning.


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