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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not So Hot

No hot line calls again today!

Got a bit of a chance to relax this evening. Sorted comics, watched some "Survivor", some "30 Rock", some "NUMB3RS" from a couple weeks ago, and the usual late night (Daily Show & Letterman, with Colbert Report Tivo'd for later).

Comments on TV shows, football, and work after the break.

On Survivor, Ellen and I took several guesses on what was in the bottle, and figured it out just before it was revealed, mainly because at the time it was revealed it was about the only thing I could figure it would be. We had other guesses, but the reveal would have happened just a bit earlier. (intentionally vague because Kalen and Kathy would kill me if I spoiled anything).

30 Rock is pretty damn funny.

NUMB3RS was, OK, but it was funny at the end because you had Judd Hirsch and Rob Morrow sitting down to watch TV, and from the TV we hear the theme from "Taxi".

I forgot to talk about the Bears and my fantasy team. On Sunday I watched Simpsons-Family Guy-American Dad, and then remembered that the Bears were playing that night. I turned over to see it pouring down rain in New York (well, New Jersey) and the Bears had been sucking. I think the second play I watched, though, was Thomas Jones running on 3rd and 22, and gaining 26 yards. From that point on it was nearly a dream for Bears fans ... and for my fantasy team. I've got Rex Grossman on my team, and I'd started him this week over my other quarterback, Eli Manning. (OK, if you don't know NFL football you don't know what I'm talking about). As it turned out my team was still a few points behind after Sunday (even with plenty of points for Grossman), but Monday night the Tampa Bay defense pulled out the win for me (even in their loss). Woo -- I'm in 6th place, 6-4, but I've clinched a playoff spot. Of course, the playoffs are eight teams out of the ten in the league.

No hot line calls again today! I'm afraid I'm going to jinx it, though. I did do a data change once again tonight, but it was simple and could be done at bit earlier in the evening. No goofy really late night -- last night I did get to bed a bit before 2am, but I've also been sleeping in a bit and getting in later, so I don't feel I'm burning the candle at both end.


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