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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


With some apologies to Stephen Colbert, mostly for only having only three items in the Threatdown! rather than five.

Today's number three threat: Apparently it's Michael Richards. I understand that you were pissed off at a heckler, but you're going to be dealing for a long time with where that anger took you. Yeah, anger kills self control. The overreaction is going to be overblown, and the apologies will only go so far. This is going to be hurting his career for a long time, mainly because he doesn't travel in the same circles as Trent Lott.

The number two threat: Thanksgiving shoppers. Or rather, any grocery shoppers when it is busy. People who believe they occupy the world all to themselves, and so can park in the middle of the aisle studying the shelf. Or wander slowly, meandering around the corner while I wait right in front of them, knowing that sometime in the next five minutes they'll actually manage to complete a 90° left turn. There's a time and a place to study your shopping list, and that's in front of the bottled water. No one is buying bottled water today, and if they are you there's 10 linear feet of shelf devoted to the exact same brand, so you probably aren't blocking them.

Oh, and to the person who left their shopping list in the cart that I then took -- you probably don't need to be quite so specific. The last time I checked, you can't actually buy just one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.

And the number one threat: Behr!

Since the weather was predicted to be warmer this week, on Sunday Ellen went out and got paint for around the front door. Paint that matches the cranberry color of the new storm door. She asked if I had a brand preference, and I said no.

Now I think I do: Not Behr paint! I put up the first coat of paint around the door early this afternoon. I started painting the wood above the door, thought I got it pretty even, but as I was moving to the next section I noticed something odd about the area I'd just painted. I gave it another brush stroke to smooth it out, and then moved on. A minute later, that same area caught my eye again. Soon, I could see patches of white showing through the paint. Apparently, the adhesion was terrible, and so the surface tension of them paint was pulling it away in from certain patches to pool in other areas. In a short while it looked like cheap watercolor marker on coated posterboard.

I decided that the best thing to do was finsh the coat I was putting on as best I could. It looks bad, but I figure that with a second coat the paint will probably adhere better to itself (i.e., the first coat). Whether it takes two or three coats to actually cover well, we'll see. We'll see if I even have decent enough weather to put up three coats. Tomorrow I should be able to put up a second coat, but then Stuffed COWS is going to cut into my time, and who knows how long the weather will allow painting. It look OK from a distance, like: in the next block.

The other odd thing about the paint is that as it goes up, the color is basically Barney-the-Dinosaur-Purple. Fortunately, as it dries it darkens to the proper color, and should match the storm door after another coat covers the white peeking through.


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