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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Three hotline calls today!

I got to bed last night, finally, at about 3am. But I brought my work laptop upstairs with me, because I still had one guy in Baltimore doing a test, and he was going to call me when he was done so I could change some data back. Except he decided to do one other test, so he called to have a change made, and then I'd change it to the default when he was really finished in another 20-30 minutes. Which I did. So, I really got to sleep at 4am, maybe a little later.

The first call of the day came at 10am. This would have been before my shift, but I'd told my UK partner (who was covering the other 12 hours of the day usually) that I would cover the last four hours of his shift because he had a prior commitment. So, the call came my way rather than his.

After a couple hours, I was off that call, and I started sorting some comics. Then I got called to join a discussion about that first call to figure out how we should really leave things. I still had some stuff to try to figure out, and I called in a couple other guys. But in the midst of that, another hotline call came in.

I was on that for a while, when yet another call came in! One on top of another. Fortunately, the previous one wasn't something I needed to deal with, so I could get off that call and take the new one. That one turned out to be the most involved for me, and I wound up on that call for, oh, about five hours.

And, to finish up some stuff from that call, I need to do some stuff tomorrow that will take a while. So, so much for taking tomorrow off. Oh well.

In other news, Matt is now home. And, I guess that's about it for now. After tomorrow I ought to be clear for the rest of the week. So, maybe tomorrow night I can talk about something more pleasant.


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