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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I give thanks tonight for Mark Evanier. His blog is always entertaining, but tonight I specifically thank him for linking to the funniest bit of television in history. He posted this back in October and I figured I'd link to it tonight, but I'd have forgotten about it had he not mentioned it again today.

Here's Mark's description, and here's the clip:

And of course, there's more after the break:

We had a nice dinner here, all the usual trimmings, and things actually cam together very well. I made a nice tasty gravy, got the cheese sauce for the cauliflower timed right, and remembered to actually get the rolls in the oven in time. Ellen had to remember to get out the cranberry sauce, but remembered it just as she was sitting down rather than our usual "Oh, dinner's over and we never got out the cranberry sauce".

I'm just tired now, because I was up late and work early to help get in the turkey. I still need to do some prep for StuffedCOWS tomorrow (D&D convention). I'm judging all weekend, as is Kalen. Ryan's playing at least tomorrow, maybe Saturday. Kathy and Matt decided to skip it this year.

And Ellen's already announced her intention to get up and go shopping early tomorrow, but that's to Jo-anne's Fabrics and that'll probably be it.

The weekend may be sparse on posting, or non-existant, depending on how I feel when I get back from StuffedCOWS each night. If I do blog, it'll probably be on D&D topics.


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