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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It's been warm here for the past few days. Not Orlando warm (Yahoo tells me Orlando is currently 63°), but warm enough for December in Illinois. In the 40's during the day. Today, when I looked at our thermometer, it was 45°. So, all the snow we had on the 1st is pretty much gone.

That also means my gutters are thawed, so I could get the Christmas lights on the house. Yay! And I got a new bulb for the plastic penguin (now sitting at the far left side of the house, and got a new spotlight to better light the four choir kids. So, I finally got the outdoor decoration done that I wanted to do.

I've been home most of the day. I went in to work in the morning, but there was a problem with one a switch on the Isle of Man, and I could only log in there from outside our corporate intranet, so I came home to do it. Then I took the afternoon off, which I was hoping to do anyway to get the decoration done. See above.

Kathy and Ryan are home now. The three of us went to dinner at a Chinese buffet. I met them there before they actually got home -- I needed to do some errands and called to see where they were. They and I were about equidistant from where I needed to do those errands, and where the restaurant is. So, I met them there, then we split so I could go to Graham Crackers for comics and Home Depot for light bulbs, while they did some other shopping. Then the three of us met up again at the grocery store so we could stock up on food.

And now I need to log in to work one more time so I can dump some information via e-mail, so it's ready for guys in Germany when they get to work in a few hours.


  • Does it make me a total nerd if I read the title for this post and thought "literature"? How about if it took me three times looking at the entry to realize what it was actually referring to?

    By Blogger Kalen, at 12/14/2006 6:58 PM  

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