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Friday, January 05, 2007

Twelfth Night

It wasn't what I'd planned, but my "Merry Christmas" post has stayed at the top of the blog throughout the 12 days of Christmas. Now we've reached Twelfth Night, so I guess I better get back in the posting groove.

Of course, first I had to Google to be sure how to spell "Twelfth". Who needs dictionaries?

I had plans to get some things done tonight (specifically, Legends -- way late). Instead, I got to do home repairs. Ellen had dinner in the oven, and I started to put some other scraps down the garbage disposal, and found it wouldn't turn on. I checked the plug, checked if it needed to be reset, and then noticed that the microwave clock was also off. As was the clock on the oven. I knew all were on the same circuit (west side of kitchen), so checked the circuit breaker. No problem there, and then I realized the kitchen TV (also on the same circuit) had been on. The oven had been hot (cooking dinner, remember), but with the power off the gas regulator shuts down, so it was losing heat. I don't know when things lost the power, probably when I first tried to turn on the garbage disposal, when the load on the circuit was greatest.

So, I shut off the circuit breaker and started pulling apart the outlets in the kitchen. Ellen and Narf ran out to get dinner at Boston Market while I swore at things. As it turns out, I didn't take all that long to identify the problem -- the wirenut that connected the three branches of the circuit (stove/microwave, outlet, disposal) had gotten too hot and come apart, 22 years after I installed it. I got another wirenut and got every thing put back together, but I may need to think about how this might be improved -- whether it's drawing too much if the disposal and microwave are both running. The oven can't be drawing much -- it's a gas stove so the electricity is only for thermostat/gas regulation, the clock/timer, and electric pilots.

So, that soaked up much of the night. Tomorrow I'll get the Christmas decorations down (yes, I like to keep them up and lit through the whole season to the 6th) and get most of Legends ready so that it's finally ready to mail on Monday.

As for what else has been going on: we spent a low-key Christmas at home, going out for brunch to avoid the preparation and cleanup (and leftovers), then several days in Iowa visiting my mom and Ellen's family. We played a little D&D on New Year's Eve and then watched some TV, spending the evening with Narf (here on break) and Tony. I was falling asleep by 12:30 that night, so hit the bed early (relative to past years). We played another session of D&D on New Year's day, but since then it's basically been work and come home to crash.

That's all for now. Tomorrow, hopefully a report of a productive day!


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