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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

iPod, You Pod, We all Pod ...

No, I'm not keeping up with daily updates. We'll see if I do better tomorrow.

Today, I was swamped at work. Along with about 20 other people from our teams, because a gigantic shitstorm seemed to hit somewhere between Baltimore and Philadelphia. Striking directly at the heart of our switches.

Oh, and it hit right at noon CST. Right after I finished another call. So, no lunch for me -- it was a good thing I brought an apple with me. I was trapped at my desk for almost six hours. We finally got the last remnants cleaned up, but for a while it just seemed that everything was failing all at once.

So, a busy day, so I didn't get a chance to listen to the topic of this post ...

... which is, my new iPod Shuffle. Ah, a wonderfully tiny thing it is. I can load hours of listening material, probably about 16 hours worth of memory along with what is supposed to be a 12 hour or so battery life. I haven't really tested either of those limits yet.

But, I can clip it right inside the flap where my polo shirt button, button the top button, and you can hardly see it (and I can't really feel it there unless I reach for it). The only thing that betrays that I'm listening to the iPod is the ear buds. So, I guess I need the cochlear implants next (with bluetooth connectivity).

So what's on the iPod? I have several podcasts that I've gotten into the habit of loading: NPR Shuffle, Pardon the Interruption (ESPN), Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman (also ESPN), a few comedy bits from the Onion. Weekly podcasts of "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me", "This American Life", and "On the Media". Periodic commentary on Disneyworld and D&D (from WotC). All cool stuff, some of which I would catch bits of in the car, some of which I couldn't.

And, I've got some of my CDs loaded. Actually, loaded again as I loaded some, then moved where I was storing the files and messed up the transfes. Albums currently in my iTunes library:
The Beatles: Let It Be
The Beatles: Revolver
George Harrison: Somewhere in England
The Who: Who's Next
David Bowie: Changesbowie
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
The Roches: Can We Go Home Now
Paul Simon: Graceland
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Not handy to reload, because the disks are in the car:
They Might Be Giants: The Spine
Travelling Wilburys: Vol. 1

and other stuff I can't remember off hand.

Cool feature: the podcasts all get loaded first in the play sequence, so I can play them in order. But if I just want to have background music, I click the switch to random play and it only plays the music. Very cool.

The one downside so far, I need a handy case for the ear buds. The iPod itself doesn't really need a case since it just clips where I want it, and is pretty sturdy aluminum, but the ear buds get tangled and just are a mess carried in a pocket. I haven't found a good solution for that yet.

The downside that hasn't been an issue yet -- it's SO FREAKING TINY tha I'm afraid I'll lose the fool thing. It's less than the size of a book of matches. Way smaller than my cell phone.

It sure is nice to have my own music in my office, without a chance of disturbing the neighbors. And, as Ellen says, it's going to become my favorite tool (over the radio) for working around the house. Best $79 I've spent in quite a while.


  • Amazing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/31/2007 7:21 PM  

  • Generally earbud cases come with earbuds in them. I'm guessing this is the sort of thing you'd be interested in.

    By Anonymous narf, at 2/02/2007 11:04 PM  

  • I've seen what you link to before, Narf. They are pretty good. I've also seen ones that will automatically retract, and you pull and they lock in place to extend them. I can't find any links though, so...

    By Blogger Matt, at 2/03/2007 3:21 AM  

  • Although I wasn't actually looking for the retractable kind, that's the type I'd go for.

    By Anonymous narf, at 2/03/2007 7:10 PM  

  • A quick search for "retractable earbuds" will get you to the Amazon store. I don't know if iPod white is what you'd be interested in, but here is a pair.

    Of course, the cochlear implants Tim mentioned would get rid of the tangled cords as well.

    By Anonymous narf, at 2/03/2007 7:19 PM  

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