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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Return of the Reset Guy

It doesn't count as much of a return, since I was Reset Guy on Thursday and Friday, but I'm at it again tonight. Four systems to do tonight -- two after midnight EST and two after 1:00am EST. Shouldn't be too horrible though, as I will have some help to do the checking afterward.

And then I shouldn't have to do this again until Wednesday, and then that should be it for the week. I'll get involved if one of the Baltimore systems needs a reset, but they have been behaving themselves nicely since Friday.

Since I wasn't Reset Guy last night, I actually got a bit more than eight hours of sleep last night, and so I'm reasonably rested at the moment.

We didn't get the ice storm overnight in Baltimore that was predicted. There was nothing on the ground when I got up. By the time I got out for lunch, though, there was about three inches of snow on the ground, and then maybe another inch or so in the afternoon. I didn't do anything exciting today -- I did some laundry, got out for lunch and dinner (not going far), and mostly lounged around the hotel, checking on the systems here in Baltimore periodically and browsing the web otherwise. A nice relaxing day before getting back in the grind sometime tomorrow.

So, I may or may not update again tomorrow, depending on whether there's anything worth saying and whether I have time/energy when I get back to the hotel.

I should be able to get out of here on Friday. There's one thing that may put a kink in that, but since I stayed through this weekend I should be able to make a good case for getting out of here on Friday no matter what else is planned next weekend.


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