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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time to Blog the Doughnuts

OK, I promised another blog post today, so I better get going on that. So, details of the day follow the break .....

OK, remember that boring conference call I mentioned yesterday. The one I was stuck on, but had little to do with. Yeah. I was on that call for about seven hours, until just past midnight. Then I got to go home.

So, I didn't get up too early this morning, but I was up by 9am ... after a reasonable seven hours of sleep (no, I didn't rush right to bed upon getting home). Then I got laundry sorted and ran a couple of loads, uncovered the rose bushes from the winter insulation cones as well as uncovered the patio table, mowed and fertilized the lawn, got the storm door window off and screen up --- hmm, the general de-winterizing is basically done now I think. I still need to set up the fountain in front again, but I also need to get the pathway lights fixed (though I think I know now why they are out). Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Talked to all the kids (well, I didn't talk to Kalen or Kathy) about plans for tomorrow. Then I had a monitoring shift 5-9pm so that took much of the rest of the day. Came home and washed some dishes.

Tomorrow Ellen and I are driving to Normal to have a late lunch/early dinner with all four kids, and then go to the girls choral concert, where Kathy is in a double duet (or a quaduple solo, or something like that). I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Maybe she will too!


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