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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Don't Everyone Volunteer at Once

Hmm, I wonder if anyone from work ever looks here. Probably not.

Of course if they did, they could see me bitch now.

There was a backlog of problem reports to investigate today, so my boss sent out an e-mail to our team (and also the UK part of the team) that asked if everyone would take assignment of one of the reports (via a web site). There were eight outstanding, unassigned issues at that time.

I'd picked up one of these assignments yesterday, seeing the backlog at that point and having pretty much cleared the ones I'd previously taken assignment of. So, today I looked at the list again and picked up a couple more that I thought I could deal with easily. Then my boss e-mailed me and asked if I could look at another one because it needed some attention (I doubt she knew I'd already taken assignment of two issues).

So, at the beginning of the day there were eight unassigned reports. I was assigned three of them. So here's the math problem: how many were still unassigned at the end of the day when I last checked.

Yes, that's right, five.

So, no one else had taken assignment of any one of the issues, five or six hours (at least) after the request went out.

Some of the people on the team have good excuses. Some of them.

Anyway, enough bitching for now. Tomorrow I'll tell about our team meeting this week. I was a troublemaker. :-)

And if there is someone who is reading this from work -- I don't care. Enjoy. You know what I think. I don't feel the need for anonymity, but I'm not blasting other people's names either.


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