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Monday, May 14, 2007

A Cup's Life

OK, let's say you're a cup.

Well, actually, you're dressed as a cup, and standing by the road waving to draw attention to the Quizno's.

So if that's not bad enough, the costume is kind of like a sail, and it's gusty out.

I don't know that the poor guy/gal was concentrating much on waving. I think they mainly were trying to avoid being blown over and into the road.

And that's about all the excitement from here today.

Well, no. I did come home and decided to ask each of my (admittedly adult) children if they were productive today. And they all had good stories to tell me, so I was pleased.

I suppose I could have called Matt and asked the same thing, but I'll trust he's taking care of himself.


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