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"We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Low Energy Day

I got done in Schaumburg last night about 3:30am. Got home sometime after 4am, then finally went to bed at 5am after winding down a bit.

So, much of the rest of the day was spent sleeping.

I did get up around noon. That was about the time Matt called to ask me about some Gencon scheduling stuff, and ask me if I could grab a few tickets for him since he would be busy when the event registration opened up. But, I was waking up right about then anyway.

Gencon event registration, when it first opened up, was the usual pain. I did get most of the tickets I needed into my shopping cart (but for one of Matt's that I had to get for a day later than he'd plannned). Then, I went to checkout. And I went to checkout. And I went to checkout. Over and over again. I don't know how many times I had to reload the page to get anywhere, but it took me an hour. Finally I got to the page that had me enter my credit card number, got that in, and hit the "submit". And hoped that actually went through, because the button specifically said "do not press more than once". It eventually took the "submit" and took me to a new page, but the new page was blank. And, there was no confirmation e-mail, but my shopping cart was now empty.

I retried getting the tickets for the one event Matt and I were both doing, but the system wouldn't let me because it said I was already registered. Thus, I decided, things probably worked the first time, and I gave up for the time being, trusting that things were right.

I checked in with Kathy later to see what the plan was for buying True Dungeon tickets. She and I coordinated when those tickets went on sale (at 6pm CDT), and I managed to get right in and purchase a set of seven tickets for one of our top choice time slots: 7:36pm on Thursday. I could have also gotten the 9:36pm slot as well, but released those in favor of the others. Kathy couldn't get the tickets she tried for, but as long as one of us got through we were fine. This time, I managed to get checked out with a minimum of fuss, and it even gave me the purchase confirmation web page and confirmation e-mail. AND, with Ryan's help, I was able to confirm that I'd gotten the other tickets earlier in the day, so all is well!

Other than that, I was lazy much of the day just getting some of my energy back. I didn't get into work until 8:30pm, just before my monitoring shift (9pm - 1am). That's where I am now. This shift has been eventful enough, but with a little down time to make this entry. But, now, back to the fun of watching call completion statistics!