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Friday, May 18, 2007

BBQ Nachos and Fielders Choices

Hey who knew that BBQ Nachos even exist?

The things you learn when you don't have a stadium club reservation. Matt and I went to the Cubs game today and had a concession stand lunch, and discovered BBQ Nachos. Nacho chips, cheese sause, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, and (optional) jalepeños.

Cubs won. It was a good, fun game. The White Sox will be ready to kill the reliever who struck out two in 2/3rds of an inning, but also have up five hits, 3 runs and allowed 2 inherited runners to score, allowing the score to go from 3-1 Sox to 6-3 Cubs. The final two runs scored on two fielders choice plays in the 8th inning (only one of which resulted in an out).

On our way home from the game I asked Matt if he wanted to grab dinner with Ryan and Kathy before he headed back to Urbana. He suggested Chinese buffet, so that's what we did.

Tonight -- I should be packing, but I'm tired so I'll put that off until tomorrow morning. So I may not leave too early for Missouri Valley, but I'll be able to pretty much drive straight through.


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