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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sprint Across that Stage!

Sunday I returned to my old high school for the graduation of my niece, Rachel Briggs. The ceremony was quick: almost exactly 30 minutes, and started spot on time as well. The only thing that could have made the ceremony any shorter is if the grads all sprinted across the stage.

I'm sure her brother's graduation (5 years ago) was longer, and for a smaller class (Rachel's class was about 46 if I counted right, Brian's was somewhere in the 30's).

A bit different from my kids' graduations. Kalen's class was about 500, and it just went up from there (Ryan's class pushing 900).

Anyway, the rest of Sunday was Rachel's graduation party, which was much, much better attended than she expected/feared. Turned out that a lot of folks ... turned out.

Today, Ellen headed home, leaving me here in Missouri Valley with Kalen and my mom. So, we're trying to get a few things done around here for mom for the next few days, then Weekend in Dyvers/CavalierCon for the rest of the weekend.


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