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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Experimentation

So, the activity for the late afternoon and evening was trying to impose a little organization on some of the digital pictures I have. I have well over 1000 pictures from Walt Disney World, hundreds from our San Francisco vacation, and then a bunch of miscellaneous pictures.

So, I'm starting with the miscellaneous pictures: learning to use Picasa to add captions to the pictures and how best to share the results. The earlier post this evening was the first attempt. Continue on for more of the experiments, and the rest of my doings the past couple of days:

Yesterday Kalen and I went with mom to Omaha to do some Wal-Mart shopping. Whatever else you or I have to say about Wal-Mart, they are easy for mom to get around and were very helpful in getting set up with the electric cart.

Today I did a batch of errands running around town, and Kalen and I helped get some boxes of fabric moved around for mom to organize. And, I sat with my computer trying to figure out the picture things.

OK, on to more experimentation results: The attempt to post to Blogger from Picasa left a lot to be desired, as you saw. I also uploaded some pictures to the Picasa Web Albums, with a bit more success, but I'm still not pleased with that format. Check out the four pictures from my adventures in Tivo surgery at this link. The kitchen remodelling pictures are also on the Picasa Web Albums here. The upload to Blogger actually landed there, again only the first four pictures, but at least the captions are intact.

More successful was saving the Picasa album as HTML, and then uploading that to my Earthlink web page. You can see those same kitchen remodelling pictures there, but all 14 pictures are included, with the captions, and in a bit better presentation.

In another example, there are the pictures from Ryan's high school graduation (two years ago). However, there's a bug in Picasa as it screwed up the second and third pictures in that series. On Picasa they look fine, but the exported version has the right captions by the wrong pictures (repeated from later, and distorted).

I'm still not 100% pleased with the web pages that Picasa generated, but it's better. I see that Picasa can also export as XML, so I might play with style sheets to get a better look to the pictures.

Now the other thing I need to check is how much bandwidth I have from Earthlink for the web pages, and whether by posting these I'll exceed a quota.

More experimentation results another time. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.


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