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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

One month's salary

We spent part of the evening picking out a new air conditioner and furnace. The air conditioner conked out a week ago, and probably wasn't doing as good a job as it could last year. And, being that they are 22 and 23 years old, respectively, even if the AC could be repaired again this year there's a good chance that it would last a lot longer. The improved energy efficiency available now also makes a compelling argument, so we decided to get both units replaced. It works out to about one month of my salary, but it's needed so I'm not complaining. Better to get decent stuff than try to cheap out.
Kalen and Kathy are somewhere around Pittsburgh on their way to DC. Other than that, everything is as usual. Work has actually been pretty smooth recently -- things have settled down at least for now.

We watched "The Wizard of Oz" a couple nights ago on cable, the first time I'd seen it since I'd seen "Wicked". It struck me that, using the same numbering scheme as the DC universe the Baum books show Oz-2, the Judy Garland movie is Oz-1, and "Wicked" is Oz-3. You can't reconcile all three, so the parallel universe explanation works best. I'm not sure where exactly that leaves "The Wiz".


  • That's one reason I couldn't finish "Wicked" the book. Parts of it read like Oz fanfic where the author couldn't decide between the movie continuity and the book continuity. Of course, it also didn't help that other parts of it read like a philosophy textbook...

    By Blogger Kamie, at 6/07/2007 9:03 AM  

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