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Friday, June 01, 2007

A few anniversaries

Two years ago today I made the first post on this blog. I'll probably make the 200th post sometime before the second anniversary of the second post.

Tomorrow (in a few minutes it will be "today") is my 27th anniversary of starting work at Bell Labs (and today was the six-month anniversary of the company becoming Alcatel-Lucent).

Sunday I'll be at the Fightin' Cubs game (with Ellen and Ryan) for Bob's 48th birthday -- so we'll be temporary twins! (sort of)

And a week from today will be Ellen and my 28th wedding anniversary.

And, in other news, Gleemax has not yet acknowledged my offering, though there are others up. Hey, mine's better than most of these!

Other than that .. monitoring this evening. Monitoring tomorrow morning. Nothing exciting going on.


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