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Friday, June 15, 2007


OK, so I was most likely wrong in my last post. Let's do the (approximate) math:
(77 × 200) + (24 × 300) = 15400 + 7200 = 22600.

That's the denominator.

The numerator is exact: 1530

So, approximately 6.8% .... of my comics are now inventoried.

So, I was wrong the other day when I thought I had more than 5% of my comics inventoried, because I've done three more short boxes since then. I didn't think I had as many as many as 100 boxes, but right now I have 101. 77 short boxes and 24 long boxes. And the eight that have been inventoried are all short boxes.

Anyway, I'm slowly chipping away. And it may go a bit quicker, as Kalen wants to do some of it to work off some of her debt.

Tomorrow is garage cleaning day. Yay! Oh, and going out for Father's Day/my birthday dinner. Matt's on his way up right now, so everyone will be home ... for the garage cleaning!!! Yay!

Other than that, I went to the Cubs game with Bob on Wednesday and it was a really good game, and a really good buffet. We'll be doing that again on Sunday, and hopefully everything will be just as good.

And ... that's all for now. More on progress, garage and comics, sometime this weekend.


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