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Friday, June 29, 2007


"Cleveland! How could a place possess so eerie and evil a name and not be ruled by demons?"
-- Howard the Duck

(Note: quote is fixed now!)

Guess where I'll be spending half my time in July and August. Yes, 31 days between July 1 and August 31, so officially half the days.

The Howard the Duck quote is fixed now that I'm home. The quote is from Giant-Size Man-Thing #4. (Aside: Giant-Size Man-Thing is officially the most wrong-sounding comic title ever.)

(No, I don't have a Giant-Size Man-Thing (no jokes), just the reprint in Marvel Treasury Edition featuring Howard the Duck)

They asked for availability. I marked out the big dates of the summer (Gencon, in particular), most (but not all) of the dates when I have Cubs tickets, and a few other dates, and left a couple extra days of pad around some of those times.

And then, every single day I marked as "available" before the end of August, they assigned me to be in Cleveland.

The scarier part is that the bigger concentration of available days that I marked were in September, and they haven't set the September schedule yet.

Let me just say - eep!

And, the part that makes me lean toward the "pissed off" side -- it looks like only about half the team actually answered the e-mail to give their availability/unavailability. And, if you didn't answer, you weren't assigned. That's just wrong.

I guess this is why they pay me the big bucks.


  • Get paid to answer emails ... and then go to Cleveland.

    By Anonymous narf, at 6/29/2007 5:54 PM  

  • It definitely is wrong that those who didn't reply to the e-mail were not assigned. Try not responding just once and you would probably be assigned the entire time. Life is good but that doesn't mean it's fair. ET

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2007 7:34 PM  

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